The most convenient way to listen to music is using earbuds especially when you do not want disturbance. However, it can be quite awful and very uncomfortable if your ideal earbuds are too loose, or too tight for your ear. To get the best experience out of your earphones, here are a few things you might need to observe to prevent your earbuds from falling out.

Purchase Well-Fitting Earbuds

If you are wondering how to get earbuds to stay in your ears, well a simple solution is to consider investing in headphones that feature ear hooks and bands. These headphones will cover the area around the head to give you a comfortable experience when listening to your music. You can also purchase well-fitting earbuds with smaller wireless earbuds. Try various sizes of silicon tips and foams. Foam tips, in particular, are more forgiving for the size difference so that they may be your best bet for hard-to-fit ears. Feel free to find out more at audio sound tech.

Seat the ear tip

Chances are, your earbuds keep falling because you are not wearing them the right way. The in-ear headphones generally appear like the earbuds, but they don’t necessarily work the same way and simply pushing the ear tip into the ear may not be enough to create a proper seal. They won’t hang in the crevices of your ear-folds. A good way of making sure they do is to have placed the tip of your ear, widen your ear canal and push them in. You will probably have to use both hands. You will notice a drop in ambiance when the tip is well seated, and when listening to your music, you will notice more range, especially the bass.

Hang the Cord Over Your Ears

You do not have to insert earbuds straightforward in your ear canal instead fit the cord over the back of your ear. The feeling maybe bit weird for the first time but eventually prevent buds from slipping out every time the cable is touched. You will have a fantastic listening experience without any disturbances.

Insert Earbuds Firmly in Your Ears

Earbuds should ideally fit into your ear without any discomfort. If your earphones do not fit you properly, maybe you need to adjust them carefully. All you need is to stretch your earlobe so that the ear canal opens up. When you release them the ear cavity shapes itself around and holds the earbuds in position.

Buy What Works For Your Ears

There are earbuds designed explicitly for people who have smaller ears. Women are known to have smaller ears which can easily prevent earbuds from fully entering the ear canal. Others lack cartilage on the part of the ear that surrounds the earbud. If you have this problem, you can consider buying earbuds that have extra support like hooks.

When you wear uncomfortable earbud, you not only get discomfort but also you have a miserable listening experience. Get an earphone that fits your ear completely, make it comfortable and seal the lobe around the earbud properly.