Goldendoodles are adorable and have grown very popular in the last few years. More and more people show interest in getting a Goldendoodle as a pet dog, but they feel confused by one thing: do they care for it as they would a poodle or a golden retriever? It is a common issue with crossed breeds: owners feel a bit confused when it comes to their care and often need help and guidance. If you want to get a Goldendoodle sometime soon and are interested in tips and tricks on how to care for it, check out the list below.

1.Puppy proof the house. Goldendoodle puppies, just like any other type of puppies, are active, full of energy, and can be destructive. Hide all the supplies that can be chewed, cover cables, and put all the flower pots as high as possible.

2. Training must begin immediately. Training must begin as soon as you get the puppy. If you want to raise a healthy, happy dog that knows what is expected of him or her in certain situations, it is not a good idea to wait to train it.

3. Buy plenty of toys. As mentioned above, Goldendoodle puppies are full of energy, and they also get bored very fast. It is why you need to buy plenty of toys to keep them occupied. If you want to save your couch and carpets, then your dog needs to have something to do when you bring him home.

4. Create a schedule for walks and feedings. Your Goldendoodle will love to know when its time to eat and when its time to go out for a walk. The schedule will make your puppy feel comfortable, and you will notice that he or she will be more responsive once a schedule is in place.

5. Talk to your vet. If you decide to get a Goldendoodle, then your vet needs to become your best friend. Your vet will not only help with regular health checks, but he or she can also help you establish a healthy diet and a good, healthy routine. Your vet can also help you find, for example, the best shampoo for your Goldendoodles and the best daily care products.

6. Get active. Goldendoodles love an active lifestyle. They love to go out and walk, run, and play. An active lifestyle will also help your dog stay in shape and maintain good health.

7. Socialize your dog. If there is one thing that you will understand from the first days of having a Goldendoodle in the house is that they are friendly dogs. Goldendoodles love to make new friends, play with kids and other dogs, so it is important to socialize your dog. In addition to this, if you allow your dog to socialize from a young age, he or she will better behave as an adult.

Follow the tips and tricks above, and you will have a healthy and happy Goldendoodle that will brighten your days and keep you active