Personal and commercial use of drones has become increasingly popular such that almost everyone desires to know how to fly one. There are dangers associated with drone flying but we leave the UAV regulations to deal with that. In this article, I will help you to avoid drone flyaway. If you have been following drone news and reviews you know that cases of drone flyaway are on the increase. As a result, we at have all it takes to help you avoid it.

Definition of drone flyaway

It’s simply the loss of control and sight of a drone in the air. It’s technically impossible to track down a drone after flyaway because of the inability to ascertain when it stopped flying. Also, it’s very likely that a flyaway drone will cause harm to someone or destroy property. There are many causes of drone flyaway.

1. Tall buildings or power lines. Most houses are built using metals and the presence of metals often interfere with the drone’s compass. As a result, flying drones close to a building can lead your drone off-track making you lose sight of it and hence fly away. Multiple power lines cause electromagnetic interference which causes havoc on the drone’s navigation system.

2. Negligence, going bend the recommended altitude, time, and flight range. Exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended limits is desiring flyaway. Exceeding time will make your drone run out of battery and flyaway. Similarly, flying drones too low or too high that the recommended altitude will cause flyaway and lead to a crash.

Avoiding drone flyaway

To avoid loss of money and exposure to danger, there are some recommended practices you can employ to avoid drone flyaway.

1. Start by setting a home point. For starters, I recommend that you buy a drone with the capacity to set a home point. You cannot tell what to expect after flying your drone, turbulence may arise and this will help you make an emergency return and landing at home.

2. Do not fly your drone out of your sight. According to the FAA, you should not fly your drone out of your field of view even for a second, it’s very dangerous and illegal. I would like to emphasize this, it has caused a number of accidents.

3. Avoid monitoring your drone using the real-time FPV. At all times, avoid the temptation of using the real-time FPV but ensure you see the drone at all times.

If you adhere to the guidelines in this article and practice them diligently, I guarantee your safety in your drone flying. I know there are other drone news and reviews, but we at have the expertise and experience to give you the best of the best.


Drone flyaway is common according to drone news and reviews, but with proper guidance and safety precaution, they can be avoided. You don’t have to be an expert, experts have already done their work, and all you need to do is just visit and be thrilled with the knowledge held.