As you may know by now, there are a plethora of uses for drones and not just mere entertainment. You can use a drone to deliver packages, capture live events, do surveillance on a property, track wildlife, etc. Seeing that the potential for drones is endless, the next nuance to think is about is just how far can these aerial gadgets fly? Thrill seekers and professionals alike need to understand the flying capabilities of drones before they make a purchase decision. Read more here.

Long-Range Drones

The original use of drones otherwise known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in military speak was to keep tabs on suspected militants in Pakistan. Some are fairly small and can be operated by hand while others are outsized spy planes deployed to enemy territory. How far can a drone fly is a huge determinant in your choice of drone and this subsequently dictates your budget. Long-range drones can respond to and from a controller’s vantage point without malfunctioning. You must be careful to buy one with a great camera or risk-taking run of the mill images. The market for long-distance drones comprises of three kinds as discussed below:

i. 0 up to 300 meters

These drones typically have a battery life of ten to fifteen minutes and the camera has 720 megapixels to full high definition. Examples of such aerial machines include Altair AA108 and Holy Stone HS300. Don’t be deceived by the limited range, these drones are nothing short of exceptional when it comes to performance and what’s more, they are within an affordable price range for the masses.

ii. 300 up to 1000 meters

Drones in this category have a battery life of roughly eighteen minutes and the camera can either be GoPro or full high definition. Other impressive features include a failsafe auto return to the pilot’s location, altitude hold, while others have brushless motors. Examples of drones in this category include Traxxas Aton and Upair One.

iii. 1000 meters and above

This is a highly sought-after category of drones with cameras registering as high as four thousand megapixels and batteries can last nearly thirty minutes. Moreover, these gadgets can fly as far as 7000 meters depending on interference from other objects flying in the vicinity. As you can imagine, drones in this category have sophisticated features such as an inbuilt capacity to ward off obstacles and the ability to fly up to 3000 kilometers away from the controller’s location. Examples of drones in this category include GoPro Karma and Yuneec Typhoon H.

Crowd-Control Drones

These kinds of drones are not required to fly across vast distances. As the name suggests, these drones are used by law enforcement to disperse crowds such as in street riots or protests without causing actual harm. These drones are easily controlled from an app or using a remote game console.

When contemplating to buy or hire a drone, it is imperative that you know how far the equipment can travel depending on the intended purpose. The next item is checking specifications to ensure that your chosen drone can deliver to your satisfaction and of course, stay within an agreeable budget.