Hiking is fun and thrilling. There are a lot of new things you get to explore and experience. Plus, the outdoor activity is enjoyable while doing it together with friends. If you are seeking for an exciting and relaxing outdoor activity, hiking is definitely a wonderful choice.

However, along with fun and excitement, the outdoor activity is full of danger. So, first-time hikers should know what are the essential things to prepare when hiking, including the things to learn about hiking.

The good news is there are websites dedicated for first-time hikers like you. One of the most trusted web portals is Gear Signal. This site provides outdoor gear reviews & guides to help you handpick the best hiking equipment. Aside from this, Gear Signal posts regular updates on tips and preventive measures concerning outdoor backpacking. Remember, it is important to check out websites like this so you can get the information you need regarding safety tips on hiking.

Now, before you go hiking, you have to make sure that you are equipped with the right gears. Try to make a list to avoid forgetting essential tools, gears, and equipment that you will require for this activity. To begin with, here is what you must bring on outdoor backpacking.

#1 Wear a Complete Outdoor Gear

Take in mind that it is important to wear appropriate attire for hiking. What comprises an outdoor gear are as follows.
•    Waterproof jacket
•    Hiking boots
•    Hiking trousers
•    Hiking backpack with several compartments and pockets.
•    Sunglasses, sun visor, caps and related items.

#2 Carry Essential Equipment

Professionals recommend packing light equipment while hiking; carrying loads of items will only wear you down, which means, you will consume a lot of time taking breaks in between hiking. Thus, to prevent yourself from bringing unnecessary items here is an idea of what you should pack in your bag.

  •    A flashlight with extra batteries or a torch.
    •    A small knife
    •    Hygiene items
    •    A small portable tent if you plan to camp
    •    Ready to eat foods

#3 Bring a First Aid Kit

One of the most important things to bring during hiking is a complete first aid kit. If you are planning to hike alone, never forget your own set of emergency kit. This will serve as your only companion to safety. Also, pack in your first aid kit the medicines you might need during an emergency, including your maintenance medicines if you have one.

#4 Bring a Map

Of course, if you are new to a trail make sure to pack a map. Your map will guide you to the right tracks on your hike. But remember to never go off your direction. Some parts of the grounds you’re hiking it might be dangerous. In addition, having a compass with you is a good idea. It will help you to track back your direction if you happen to get lost. Thus, always follow the instructions provided to you and your map.

Make your safety a priority in hiking. Therefore, ask for guidance and tips before you go hiking from reliable sites like Gear Signal.