9762666153_4984561c44_zIf you are a cyclist, you are trained to be ready for many possible scenarios during a race. Physical and mental preparation are key elements for every professional athlete wanting to compete. It is a great advantage if an athlete, in this case a cyclist, enters a race with a clear head and one focus in mind. Interestingly enough, small, everyday things, such as hiccups, or even bedbugs, can affect the cyclists and become their worst nightmare.

When hiccupping – hold on tight!

Let us imagine how terrible it must feel when a cyclist has a sudden episode of hiccups during a race. Those involuntary contractions of the diaphragm, although being short-term, can certainly distract the cyclist from reaching the finish line. This, however, is not a rare example of things going wrong in a race – that is because athletes get hiccups more often than usual.

Even though it is completely normal to experience a short hiccup attack due to a bloated stomach, smoking, or a sudden change of temperature, the causes can also be psychological, such as stress and excitement. That is the reason why athletes are more susceptible to frequent hiccups. If someone was, for instance, competing in the Tour de France, that person might hiccup while cycling because he is excited to participate, but stressed, because the Tour de France is cycling’s biggest sport.

As it is impossible to try out all the folk remedies in the middle of the race, it is advisable to drink plenty of water to help alleviate constant hiccupping while competing. What’s more, trying to keep calm, before and during the race, is also a helpful method, not only for hiccups, but for the overall health and ability.

Don’t let the bedbugs bite

Believe it or not, another common, yet unexpected obstacle for cyclists is bedbugs. These tiny, parasitic insects live in almost every crack in a home, feeding on blood. Even if it is assumed otherwise, it is not unusual that bedbugs also live in clean environments, especially crowded living accommodations. Therefore, hostels, hotels and other public loggings are often the most favorite target.

For a cyclist participating in big competitions, it is important to be wary of bedbugs in hotel rooms. Mattresses and bed frames are the most common areas. Granted, bedbugs aren’t deadly, but a cyclist probably doesn’t want to have to constantly scratch himself while competing in the Tour de France. There are, of course, certain bedbug precautions for athletes and travelers who reside in hotel rooms, such as inspecting the beds, area under the mattresses and curtains, so this inconvenience is easily avoided.

Cyclists are already under a lot of stress, and hiccups and bedbugs shouldn’t be an additional stress factor for them. Following these simple suggestions can eliminate these problems and let them focus on the race.