Are you a shroom enthusiast tired of tasting the same bland flavor? Check out how to make your shroom experience more enjoyable and flavorful right here. 

As a shroom lover, you would agree that your discovery of magic mushrooms is one of the best things that happened to you. The fungus is just full of surprises. It has several potential benefits, such as boosting energy, mood, and concentration. It also enhances creativity and helps relieve stress. Currently, experts are conducting studies about the possibility of using psychedelic therapy for managing anxiety and depression.

Meanwhile, some shroom enthusiasts are only here for the wonderful experience of breaking from reality. Nevertheless, shrooms have impacted your life, as well as other individuals, in many other ways.

Though shroom the experience is one of a kind, however, its taste is another story. The most common way of consuming the mushroom is by raw eating. Unfortunately, not all could handle to taste of magic mushroom. They are chewy and has a rubber-like texture, especially liberty caps. Moreover, they have a strong earthy taste and smell, which is not pleasant, to say the least.

Then, how can you enjoy your shroom experience without forcing yourself to take in its taste?

Make it more flavorful by using this recipe.

How to Make Fruity Shroom Recipe

If your palate detests the earthy smell and taste of shrooms, why not make it into a fruity and more enjoyable drink?

Mix your favorite fruits and flavorings on shroom can change your psilocybin experience. The extra flavor masks its smell and taste allowing you to stomach the fungus. As a matter of fact, many shroom enthusiasts provide free recipes online to help other users improve their psilocybin journey. One example of a delicious shroom recipe is here.

#1 What are the ingredients you will need? 

Gather all the basic ingredients for this recipe. What you will need are: magic mushroom, frozen fruit of your desire, an apple juice, HEB or any similar variant of orange juice, and yogurt.

In terms of choosing a magic mushroom, make sure to pick the strain you prefer. Some strains are quite strong, whereas others provide a milder effect. You can check out this source, to find out the different types of shrooms, correct dosage, and potency.

You can choose either dried shrooms or powdered. If you are using dried mushrooms, you’ll have to grind them into powder. If you haven’t bought one, you might as well choose a powdered shroom.

#2 What are the steps? 

Take the appropriate grams of shroom you need. Remember to follow micro-dosing if you are a beginner. Toss the magic mushroom in the blender together with the other ingredients.

Now, if you don’t have frozen fruit, you may use any fresh fruits. Then, you may add dry ice to the mixture. Also, you need to keep in mind that adding dry ice may dilute the mixture. So, make sure not to add too much dry ice.

After adding the fruits, blend them. Once the lumps and heavy chunks of fruit smoothen, your drink is now ready to go. Enjoy!