Giving a gift should not be an obligation, but something comes from the heart. Since it is almost the time of the year, where giving and receiving gifts has become a tradition for decades, you should read this to give a better look at gift-giving.

Did you know that the word gift was from the Germanic root ‘to give’ and present from the French word ‘to present’ or ‘to bestow’? The words emphasizing ‘care’, ‘warmth’, and appreciation. So, why randomly choose an item as a gift? Instead, choose a meaningful item that the receiver will appreciate, no matter how big or small and cheap or expensive it is because giving a gift or present matters in all walks in life; and here are the five reasons why it matters:

Reason #1: To show appreciation

Do you want to tell someone that you appreciate them for their efforts, guidance, and simply their presence in your life but too shy to do so? Fortunately, there is the simplest way to show your appreciation – giving a gift.

Giving a gift to someone is not just intended for special occasions, but the act of gift-giving can be done anytime. Whether it is to show appreciation to a family member, a friend, your co-workers, or even your boss, giving a gift will truly touch them.

Reason #2: To repay a favour

Have you been in a situation that you needed someone else’s help? If you have and have been considering repaying the favour, you may give the person a gift. However, to make it more sincere, do not randomly choose anything from the gift shop; instead, choose something that will make them appreciate what you have given them.

Reason #3: To build a closer bond

Giving a gift to someone without occasion is a good way to build a bond with the receiver. So, if you are looking for ways to improve your relationship with your partner, a family member, or a friend that you seldom meet, try to consider giving a meaningful gift.

According to studies, receiving a gift can help uplift the receiver’s mood and help stimulate happiness; for this reason, it can also help build and solidify a bond between the receiver and the persons who gave the gift.

Reason #4: To express change

Have you been thinking of how to influence a better change to others? Why not try to show it through gifts? Personalized gifts are the best way to show your advocacies of good change. For instance, you want to uplift your friend’s spirit when it comes to losing weight, you may personalize a tumbler with a written positive and encouraging phrase on it.

Reason #5: To brighten up the receiver’s spirit

Did you know that receiving an unexpected gift can help brighten up someone’s spirit, especially during tough times? It gives them a pleasant feeling that can help them get through rough moments. So, do not look for a reason to give a gift, because gift-giving is not only a tradition but an important part of human life.