first childAre you expecting your first child? If so, congratulations! I’m sure you might be feeling a little pressured and overwhelmed, especially if this is your first child. Expecting a child can catch even the most prepared parents off guard. With that said, there is nothing to worry about as long as you approach the matter in an organized fashion and educate yourself beforehand so you limit the amount of learning on the fly. When expecting a child, there is a long grocery list of items that you’re going to need to buy. Having a child is not cheap, in fact it can cost a substantial sum of money – but nothing else is as worth it as a child is.

So a big question that a lot of mothers ask themselves is what kind of breast pump to get. You can get a manual pump, or an electric pump. Both have their fair share of pros and cons, but for the most part electric pumps are going to be way more efficient. Manual pumps can be very hard work and stressful on the hand and arm – however some mothers welcome the physical exercise! Manual pumps however are way cheaper than electric pumps. Most mothers purchase manual pumps because they can get them for a fraction of the cost that electric pumps are, and the fact that manual pumps are generally going to be a bit more reliable. They don’t have all the small, fragile, moving parts like electric pumps do – so they will last longer and are most the time easier to clean because of their simplicity.

With all that said, electric pumps are by far the more efficient product. They produce more milk in a fraction of the time it might take with manual pumps, and are generally a little more comfortable on the breasts than manual pumps. A lot of thinking and technology has gone into electric pumps, this explains why so many mothers are surprised with easy and comforting they work. But everyone has their preferences. My advice is to research and find out what the best breast pump for you is.

Another product that you’re going to need is a baby monitor. Baby monitors have grown excessively over the last few years and are quite advanced now. There are baby monitors with high-quality video, night vision, pan and zoom features, and baby monitors that can even be accessed through your smart phones! The options are endless, so really go out and research and find one that is reasonably priced and contains the right amount of features for you!