Drug is any substance that is taken that alters the body’s function either physical or psychological. Its history roots down from the ancient ancestors. Generations before have suffered several diseases without being cured the right way. Notable physicians have research and done lots of experiments to find remedy to diseases. As time goes by, lots of breakthroughs on drugs have been discovered. The most common drugs are opium, morphine, heroin, hallucinogens, cocaine, amphetamine, tranquilizer, cannabis, alcohol and even tobacco. The main purpose of drugs is for curing ailments. It could also be used for psychological treatment such hypnosis, antidepressant, sleeping aid etc. It could also be used in aesthetics, individual’s health and well-being, and for recreational purposes. The use of drugs for recreational purposes started 10,000 years ago. Early Greeks have been documented using it however this is still a controversial issue at the present.

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Recreational drugs are one of controversial topic in society nowadays. Drug abuse has been the talk of the town for quite some time. Some countries have dedicated initiative such as drug war or legislative to ban Cannabis however drugs are not created to just be used for bad pursuits. The use of it really depends on the intention of the use. One may overlook the real essence of the drugs which is to help people with their pains either psychological or physical.  As honorable citizens of the country, you should be responsible of your drug use.