Thinking about maximizing your security online? You should consider the USB security key. 

Online security is vital, especially when you need to do online banking transactions. Also, with several reported cases of cyber identity theft and fraudulent activities every day, you can’t play an easy fall prey to these types of cyber-attacks. For this reason, maximizing your security online is fitting. One of the best ways to maximize your security online is by using a USB security key.

What is a USB security key?

The USB security key is a small device that looks similar to a regular USB thumb drive but works differently. It is used to keep your information well-secured against online phishing, fake website, and account break-ins. To discover more, the following will tell you everything you need to know about key lock system online.

#1 USB security key works differently from the two-factor authorization

Although there are websites that offer 2FA or ‘two-factor authorization’ – it is the second layer of online security system that aims to protect the account details from unauthorized users – it is still not enough to keep you secured from cyber attackers.

The two-factor authorization works by simply sending a special code to your registered cellular number whenever the online site detects that your username and password are being used from a different device or different location. This means the cybercriminal does not only need to gain your online password, but also the special code. However, there are security systems that allow being overdriven. Keep in mind that cybercriminals are getting smarter and smarter every day.

The USB security key works differently from 2FA. The USB security key uses Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) authorization that will allow you to gain access to your online accounts including your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and more, other than your password. In other words, the security key is an addition to your account password.

When you try to insert the security key to your computer, the browser that you are trying to gain access will issue a challenge to the key. Then, the key will cryptographically sign in and log you into the server.

#2 There are backup methods in the USB security key

In most cases, when you set up your USB security key you also need to set up backup methods, including the authenticator mobile app, printed recovery codes, a backup security key, and more. Thus, in case you lose your security key and your phone, you’ve got some backups there.

#3 You can use multiple USB security keys

While you can use a single security key for many online accounts, you can also work on multiple USB security keys for every account you have. This serves as a backup in case one of your security keys got lost or stolen.

Additional Thoughts

It is not hard to find the best USB security key today and how to set it up. What is hard is to gain access to your account that has been strongly hacked.

So, secure your online access with a USB security key.