Choosing the right Ethernet cable for PS4 is crucial for lag-free gaming. Below are the criteria you need to consider when browsing for Ethernet cables for PS4 to ensure a good purchase. 

Saying any Ethernet cable will do is a huge misconception. Buying an Ethernet cable is not always easy. You have to consider several factors when choosing the right Ethernet cable, especially when there are a wide variety of ethernet cables in the market. If you are not careful or observant, you might pick the wrong cable for your PS4.

For rookies, here is a guide to help you find the right cable. And once you found what you need, go back here to check these Ethernet cables for PS4.

#1 Cable Length

Cable length directly affects signal quality. It influences the transfer rate of the signal which results in reduced performance. Hence, longer Ethernet cables have slower signal quality. On the other hand, shorter cables have a quicker signal transfer rate.

When looking for Ethernet cables, one of the primary factors you have to consider is the distance between the router and gaming console. As much as possible limit their distance for a faster transfer rate. If not possible, make sure the Ethernet cable does not exceed 100 meters. Cables longer than 100 meters significantly reduce gaming performance.

#2 Cable Category

Ethernet cables come in different categories. Each category has unique capabilities and applications. For instance, Cat5 with a speed of 100mbps is best used for household applications. Meanwhile, Ca6 and Cat-6a are suitable for professional and commercial functions. The latter cable category has a maximum speed of 10gbps signal transfer. The latest and most advanced cable today is Cat-8 and Cat8-a. These two cables have higher speed and transfer rate compared to the former versions.

An Ethernet cable under Cat-7 and Cat-8 is the best option for gaming. Their high transfer speed allows you to play games with interruptions.

#3 Cable Compatibility

Beware that not all cables are compatible with any routers and gaming console. Though they might work; however, you will experience lagging and low-quality performance. As much as possible, you should buy Ethernet cables manufactured by the original equipment provider of the router to guarantee a lag-free gaming experience.

On the other hand, you can also find universal Ethernet cables that are compatible with almost every gaming console and router. These cables have OEM brand markings. Likewise, look into the jack of the game console. Make sure the cable match with the jacks of your gaming console.

#4 Cable Durability

Take note that some cables have a poor exterior casing. Some have a very soft exterior, which results in quick breakage and internal damage.

Choose cables from high-quality materials with a durable exterior. A durable cable is not prone to breakage and has an exceptionally long lifespan compared to poor-quality cables.

#5 Minimal Interference

Frequent interference while gaming is annoying. Of course, no gamer would want to get disrupted while in the middle of their game. Imagine you are already winning and suddenly lose only due to interferences. That would be awful!

Pick out an Ethernet cable that allows minimal interference. These cables allow you to play PS4 with minimal to zero interruptions. In this effect, you can enjoy more of the game and have fun.