Can Facial Hair Affect Your Chances Of Landing Your Dream Job

Can Facial Hair Affect Your Chances Of Landing Your Dream Job

When attending a job interview it is important to look and act your best. Being comfortable with how you look will come across as self-confident, something that employers are on the look out for. That first impression is really important and whether you sport a clean shaven look or facial hair, it is important to be well groomed. Overall presentation is very important to create the right impression, so consider the outfit you are going to wear, fragrance and haircut etc.

If you have a beard make sure it is smart and well-trimmed, you don’t want to turn up looking like Merlin! Beards and facial hair can be a matter of personal preference and there is no hard or fast rule regarding employers discriminating against you dependent on whether you have a beard or not. Think about the position you are applying for and present your self accordingly.

Get rid of unwanted hairs, big bushy eyebrows are out, as are escaping nose or ear hairs. Make sure that you look smart and well groomed. Well maintained facial hair can add an aspect of maturity to your countenance, but if your facial hair makes you look scruffy you may consider removing it- it will soon grow back. Make sure that your haircut is not to radical- go to the hairdressers and let them advise you.

When thinking about your grooming needs it is important to make sure you have everything you need ahead of the big day. There is a vast range of body grooming and beard trimmer devices available to choose from. consider your budget but also look at lots of reviews about the item you are hoping to buy. Ideally try out the device you buy ahead of your interview day, this will give you plenty of time to get use to it and make sure it is up for your needs. If you have a beard a beard trimmer will help you maintain your beard so that it looks smart with the minimum of effort.

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