The mice are small/tiny animals but if allowed to invade our homes can cause havoc. They will run up and down the cabinets, garbage cans and other areas looking for food. They will chew any edible thing material they come across and destroy even our clothes. When the mice get satisfied, they look for a breeding nest and breed there increasing their count in your house.

Although many trust their cats to catch the mice, not all cat breeds are useful in hunting the mice. They will watch the mice harmlessly. This makes the mouse traps the best option to catch the mice that are in your home. Choosing the mouse traps is neither as easy as many may perceive. Below is a buyers guide to mouse traps that may help you purchase the best mouse trap:

The mousetrap market today has so many types of mouse traps that can be categorized into the following:

The mode of trapping

Mouse traps can be defined by their mode/approach of trapping. The trap you choose can either be a kill trap or no-kill trap.

  • Kill traps: These type of mouse traps exterminate the mouse at the moment of capture. They save you the need of having to release a live mouse after the arrest. They are made in a way that the strike swiftly that the mouse won’t suffer for a long time.
  • No-kill traps: These type of mice trap catches the mouse and gives you the option to deal with the mouse personally. You can pick them and throw them away from your home. You have to keep checking the trap for any mouse. If the mouse stays in this type of trap for long, the may die due to injury, starvation or stress.

How much you are willing to see

There are open or closed traps depending on how comfortable you are, seeing the mice.

  • Open traps: These mouse traps let you see clearly what is inside. They have an added advantage that you can dispose of the captured mice before it is too late.
  • Closed traps: These mouse traps have partially or fully invisible shells or walls. They hide the capture from direct view. Some come with some visibility that shows you any mouse but not clearly.

Settle on a particular mouse type

When you generally categorize all mouse traps, you will end up with 4 mousetraps:

  • Glue mouse traps.
  • Snap mouse traps.
  • Electric mouse traps.
  • Catch-and-release mouse traps.

Glue mouse traps

These traps immobilize any mouse that passes over the glue-coated cardboard. They do not kill the mouse but cause it to trouble by tearing its fur or making the mouse die of starvation or stress if no released early. However, their release process is not appealing as you have to use your gloves to pick the glove manually from the trap using vegetable oil. The best glue mouse trap is the Alazco Glue Traps,12-Pack.

Snap mouse traps

These are killing traps with a plastic or metal base and serrated teeth or spring-loaded metal bar. They come down on the mice neck when they bite the bait. They kill the mouse slowly. However if not set appropriately, they may injure the mice. The best snap trap is the Tomcat Press ‘N Set Mouse Trap,2-Pack.

Electric mouse traps

These expensive mouse traps swiftly kill the mice that come into contact using electric currents. They are the most humane and also reusable. They are worth the price. The best electric mouse trap is the Abco Tech Electronic Humane Rodent Zapper.

Cat-and-release mouse traps

These mouse traps are either made of plastic or metal. They are reusable and have a door/lid that closes if a mouse steps in, trapping the mouse. These type of mouse trap come in two categories, the single that can only trap one mouse and the multiple that can trap 5-30 mice. The multiple is best in situations of severe infestation.

Always remember to wear gloves when handling the rodents to avoid contamination with the rodents bacteria. People with allergy issues should also keep off the traps.