Accidents on the road are unavoidable and are bound to happen from time to time. A parked car also is also exposed to danger just as much. You need to keep your car paint protected from harsh weather, dust, animal droppings and leaves. For this, you will need a car cover. It will keep your car paint in its novel shine and prevent it from any form of corrosion.

Going out there to purchase a car cover is a very smart move. And getting the one you need is easy once you know what you are looking for. This buyer’s guide to car covers will aid you in which cover you need to come home with. You have to note these two things when you are out there looking for the best car cover:

  1. Will the cover be for garage use or for using outside? – Some covers are designed to be used for cars that are in the garage while others are designed to be used in the sun; in the open environment.
  2. How long will you use the car cover? – You need to ask yourself how often you will be using it. Will it be all week and frequently during the day? A bulky car cover may shield your car from damage to the environment perfectly. However, it may be hectic to keep pulling it on and off severally. It may cause you to avoid using it altogether.

The car cover needs to fit

If the car cover doesn’t fit, it will be ugly and maybe a headache. It can cause your car a lot of harm. If you get a cheap, loose car cover and the wind blows the cover, the cover will keep shaking and end up scratching your car’s finish. This will be a great inconvenience especially when it is time to sell the car. A well-fitting cover is much more attractive than a loose one.

A good cover doesn’t have to be waterproof.

Yes, all a good cover needs are water repellent to prevent rain from soaking in. A water-repellent cover will allow the car to breath and moisture from the car will evaporate. Using a waterproof cover will not let the car breath at all. Moisture will not penetrate and therefore the moisture in the car will dry up leaving behind a stain or even worse, rust! It better off to keep the car uncovered than to damage your car by using a waterproof car cover and leaving your car stained.

Go for one with protection from ultraviolet radiation

Due to frequent exposure to sunrays, car covers will rot and you will need to replace it shortly afterwards. Go for a cover that has inhibitors of Ultra Violet Radiation.

Resistance to mildew

Imagine the harm of mildew in your car. Go for a cover that has resistance to mildew. Mildew can rot your cover within a short period of time.

Getting a car cover can save you lots of money. With the appropriate car cover, you will not have to keep repainting your car. It will help maintain your car’s resale value. Your car will look new for a very long time.