Brown Rice and Rice Cookers, The Truth

Brown Rice and Rice Cookers, The Truth

Can you handle the truth? When it comes to brown rice and rice cookers, the answer is yes; and it is delicious.

The main difference between white rice and brown rice-if white rice is your standard-is brown rice’s far higher fiber content, which requires a bit more time and water in a rice cooker. While you read this, please keep in mind the most effective and therefore tastiest way to cook brown rice is by using a rice cooker.

For white rice, fifteen minutes is needed for the desired fluffy yet firm composition only a rice cooker can provide.. For brown rice, twenty-five minutes in a rice cooker will yield the same results. If you don’t believe me, I am confident this link will be helpful in guiding you in the right direction.

If you are interested in the truth concerning the finer points of cooking brown rice in rice cookers, you are already aware of the health benefits and rewards associated with rice in general, and particularly specific to brown rice. Chances are you already own a rice cooker or are close enough to purchasing one such that your research has taken you here.

Rice cookers are in the midst of breaking down one of  the more distressing stigmas that have been wrongfully attached to another essential piece of kitchenware. Whether you are single, coupled, or looking out for the health and well-being of your family, there is a rice cooker out there for you. More recent models have evolved from the earlier and clunkier “prototypes” into sleek machines that are able to fit into your family, lifestyle, space, and taste.

If you have come this far and are short on recipes, here you are, but a person who has asked the right questions to get to this point probably is not looking for input regarding their palate. Your personal preference is just that, personal. However, here are some tips to help avoid making the common mistakes cooking brown rice can cause.

Before you begin, soak your rice. Some people swear by cold water, others prefer hot water. Not only will it soften the rice inside the husks, but if you strain it a few times it can also help with digestion, (a common reason why people don’t enjoy eating brown rice), and absorbing the nutrients into your system more efficiently. After this, let your rice cooker do the work. Then, enjoy!

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