It is difficult for someone to point out a group or the person who is behind the invention of the Wi-Fi router. Technology is gradually becoming a crucial part of the day to day lives of humans in the modern world. It has reached at a point that most of the individuals using it are taking it for granted and therefore not thinking about where it came from, who invented or when it first began. What is a router? The simplest definition that we can give a router is a device that is used in connecting together various computer networks. The Wi-Fi router has the ability to connect a computer to more than one network and there are different types of these routers in most places.

History of the Wi-Fi router

It can be beneficial to know the brief history of the Wi-Fi router as it can help you in various ways. It all started with Wi-Fi hotspots back in the 1990s where the standards of wireless technologies were put in place by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Various groups headed by renowned scientists get credit for its development even before 1970 up to date. They partnered with various scientific and industrial organizations to in conducting their research on the Wi-Fi network. Their aim was to revolutionize the Wi-Fi signal and make better for usage. Their research did not end there since it influenced the invention of the Wi-Fi router that is used up to date.

The invention of the Wi-Fi router

Since its invention in the 90s, the Wi-Fi router has been undergoing changes. Scientists have gone a step further to improve it into better forms so that it suits the user needs. It started with the invention of a computer chip that would help to boost the Wi-Fi signal quality. Previously, the traditional router was a device that was wired and therefore it was not good enough to meet the needs of users. Technology kept on changing which led to the need to invent a different type of router.

Modern Wi-Fi routers

Continued research led to the development of the modern-day wireless Wi-Fi router. Unlike the traditional router, this type does its work without necessarily being tangled in cables and wires. The routers send a binary signal that is provided from the provider of internet services using airwaves directly to a device that is compatible. The modern router creates different IP addresses for every new device that connects to the network. Even though there were previous different versions of the Wi-Fi router, the modern router has more advanced features.


Research on Wi-Fi signal that started many decades ago has led to the development of the modern Wi-Fi router. This was just a device that was developed by scientists to enhance the Wi-Fi signal. Like said before, it is hard to trace a single individual who developed it since its invention came from different groups of scientists. However, it is the scientist groups led by Dr. John O’Sullivan and others that did a great deal for us to have the modern Wi-Fi router.