Bluetooth helmet attachments

Bluetooth helmets being the latest technology in the motorcycle industry is proving to be very convenient since it provides comfort as well as the ability to make calls without diverting your attention while riding. In many cases, the accidents the motorcycle riders are involved in results from the diversion of attention when they try to make calls since they will have to hold the phone in one hand while riding. The Bluetooth helmets enable you to make or receive calls by just pressing the button and communicate without affecting your riding. If you love riding in a group, you can connect your helmets using the Bluetooth technology and ride while having a chat on the way. Communication while riding a motor makes your journey full of fun, and that’s what the Bluetooth helmets add on your riding experience. Feel free to read more here.


What are the Bluetooth helmet attachments?

The helmets are now the game changer in motorbike riding and what makes Bluetooth helmets unique and better than regular helmets? Here are the attachments available for the Bluetooth helmet;

1. Sena Bluetooth headset and intercom kit

This Bluetooth headset is made to fit a full face helmet and comprises of Bluetooth technology and has an FM radio tuner. Sena gives the motor riders a new experience since they can still listen to their favorite radio stations when they are riding and on top of that enjoy making calls without having to divert attention making their ride even safer. The headset fits comfortably in the full face helmet as well as allowing the radio to have proper communication with another rider.


  • Sena headset has the intercom range of up to 700 meters radius.
  • The Bluetooth technology allows you to share music, play music directly from your phone and enable one on one communication.
  • The single handset charge enables it to work for up to 7 hours.
  • Sena is also water resistant meaning you don’t have to worry about rains while riding.

2. Avantee Universal Bluetooth headset

This Bluetooth headset fits full face helmet comfortably and comprises of wireless intercom together with Bluetooth technology. The technology allows you to effectively communicate with your fellow riders, family members, and friends while riding your motorbike. Avantee is compatible with Android, iPhone and any other device that has Bluetooth technology.


  • The device is water resistant thus you don’t have to mind using it while it’s raining.
  • Avantee can support two Bluetooth devices any time meaning you can still make conversation with two friends while still riding.
  • The headsets have two speakers to enable clear communication while you talk to your friends while riding your motorbike.
  • The headset is universal meaning it can fit in both open face and full face helmet hence no worries about the type of helmet you have it can still fit.

There are other brands of headsets that can fit in helmets and the Bluetooth helmet manufacturers use different attachments depending on the one they feel is the best. You can also buy the attachments and install them on your helmet or purchase the Bluetooth helmets directly from the nearest dealer.