Using the blender is easy; with just a blade, a couple of buttons to press, and a jar, whipping, blending, and making fruit and vegetable shakes and smoothies become easier, faster, and convenient. However, there are situations that you are not satisfied with the blending result; this is probably because you are not blending all the ingredients the right way.

To help you out, here’s a tip on how to layer ingredients when making smoothies:

  • Start with liquid

There are so many variations about how to place the ingredients inside the blender when making some fruit or vegetable shakes or smoothies; one of this is starting with ice. However, remember that ice melts; thus, if you start your layer with ice, it’ll make the shake or smoothie bland or lumpy. On the other note, keeping the liquid at the bottom of the blender will make the blending easier and faster since it’ll easily create a vortex, where it pulls the solids above the blender down.

Also, do not forget that when adding liquids, you should follow the basic – less liquid, means thicker smoothie; more liquid, means the thinner drink you’ll have.

  • Second it with powders and sweeteners

Your next layer should be the powders or the sweeteners. It is important that it should come second, next to the liquid, to ensure that the powders are dissolved evenly. One best example is protein powders. These types of powder do not dissolve easily; thus, adding them the last will not guarantee you that you’ll have the best tasting smoothie or shake.

  • The greens

Next are the greens. If you are planning to add greens such as spinach, kales, and more, make sure to pop them inside the blender third from the bottom; this is to make sure that the greens are well pulverized.

  • Third would be your soft ingredients

The fourth on the spot inside the blender should be the soft ingredients such as yogurt, tofu, creams, butter, and more; this will make the smoothie the right texture.

  • Then the soft fruits

If you are planning to use fresh fruits, instead of the frozen ones, it is best added fifth from the bottom part of the blender. Fruits such as mango, melon, banana, avocados and more, are easily dissolved or pulverized; so, it does not need to be prioritized.

  • Lastly, are the frozen ingredients

Ice cubes and frozen fruits or vegetable should be on the top of the blender; this will put the weight, pushing the ingredients down towards the blender’s blade. Plus, adding them last will make your smoothie smooth and well blended due to the right pressure and the right timing of how the ice is well blended in.

Blending is easy; however, you need to have the right blender, which you can see more about blenders here, and the right knowledge on how to blend in all the ingredients in.

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