Metal detectors are the electronic devices used to sense the presence of metals. The metals may have been buried or hidden from the naked eyes of a human being. In the current era we are living in, metal detectors have become very useful resulting in a very high demand n the market.

Purchasing a metal detector for your personal use or business purposes is however not that easy. There are so many factors to consider to land yourself the best metal detector in the market. Below is a complete list of the 5 Best metal detectors on the market: If you would like to find out more pleaseĀ readĀ this.

1. Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

The Hunter TK4 Tracker IV is a prevalent type of metal detector. It is very affordable in the market. The best part about this metal detector is that it offers good detection in extreme conditions. Today on Amazon, it boasts of being the best seller. The Hunter TK4 Tracker IV can be used to detect coin-sized objects up to 8 inches deep. It can also detect huge objects up to 2 ft. This metal detector can detect silver, gold, iron, steel, and brass.

2.Fisher F22

The Fisher F22 is best for rainy or beach because of the waterproof search coil. The Fisher F22 can be used to search for coins, jewelry among other lost artifacts. The metal detector can detect items that are up to 9 inches deep for hours with two AA batteries. The best part about this metal detector is that it offers you a readout of how far the object is below the surface. This gives you a clue of how far you have to dig.

3.The Garrett AT Pro

The Garrett AT Pro is a waterproof metal detector. This means you can submerge it in water and detect metals under water. It can function well up to 10 ft under water. This gadget works best offshore. However, it can also be used over reefs and shallow areas.

4.Fisher F75

The Fisher F75 is the most recommended for beach searches. It is also very easy to use, making it suitable for amateurs. Professional can, however, use it too. The Fisher F75 uses two AA batteries that can persist up to 40 hours while the gadget is in use. The waterproof search coils and rain cover protect the device from errant waves and ocean mist.

5.Tesoro Sand Shark

The Tesoro Sand Shark is suitable for underwater searches. The gadget has a waterproof housing. It can be used up to 200 ft under water. The metal detector has a control box mounted on top for easy control of the gadget while submerged in water. Among its other features, the Tesoro Sand Shark can deliver up to 20 hours of battery life underwater.

These are the metal detectors to choose from in 2019.