Kayak fishing has exploded in popularity over the last years. As an enthusiast fisherman, you should have a kayak that is more than just a regular kayak. With the sit-in and sit-on-top models available, fishing becomes more amazing and a pleasant experience. Below is a list of the best fishing Kayaks under $500 with great features and performance.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Kayak

This Kayak measures 11″ high, 30″ wide and 10 ft. Long. It is lightweight thus can be used for fishing in the lake and rivers. The stability is outstanding since it is made of High-Density Polythene which is UV-stabilized. Sun Dolphin is a sit-on-top kayak with adjustable seats and foot braces. If you exceed the 250 pounds capacity, you will be forced to tow the dry storage carrier along since it is portable. This kayak is not very comfy for plus size folks, and a 12-foot kayak will be better for them.


  • Comes with fitted paddle holders on both side
  • Footpegs enable you to fish comfortably
  • The seat has great design and comfy
  • The stability is overwhelming


  • The scupper holes may drain the water inside as well
  • Heavier folks may not be favored by this kayak

Emotion Kayaks 90259 XT Fishing Kayak

This kayak is very friendly with features that make it loved by the newbies. It does not confine you thus moving in and out is easy. It is a sit-on-top kayak with 275 pounds capacity. It is made to last, and the four scupper holes drain water effectively. It has good tracking, stability and much designed. It is portable for one person to handle it since it’s made of high-density polyethylene weighing 49 pounds.

The removable backrest makes it more comfortable to fish all day. It has two flush mount rod holders. The rear tank is large with a cargo end lacing to protect your items. The molded foot wells are comfortable with a Solace Hatch beneath the deck for storage.


  • Tough and durable
  • Comfortable for all sized adults
  • Lightweight
  • Very spacious in the rear tank


  • Tracking method is not impressive since it lacks a skeg
  • Maybe blown off course by strong winds

Sevylor Coleman 2-Person Fishing Kayak

The performance of this kayak outdoes its price by far. It has a high-quality standard double seat. It can also be converted into a single deck. The comfort of this kayak is great due to its quality material and customization features for duo fishing. The probability of experiencing puncture is averted thanks to its double-walled design. The seating position can be adjusted for solo paddling. The backrest is comfortable all through the paddling session. You don’t have to worry about long paddling ride since the padded seats are adjustable to give you maximum comfort. The kayak is not easy to sink even when carrying its full capacity of 470 pounds since it has numerous discrete air chambers. Lastly, it has fittings for your trolling motor.


  • Easy paddling
  • Very portable since it can be deflated
  • Comfortable seats
  • Perfect duo seats
  • Very affordable


  • Very slow without a motor
  • Tedious to deflate after fishing
  • The draining system is not impressive