Sometimes when we purchase our vehicles, we look forward to attaining a car with the loudness speakeHowever, we forget that clarity and precision of the sound also matters. Other key features of the car speaker should also get consideration. You should take a look at the newly available 6×8 components speakers that have hit the market by storm. The speakers are endowed with a woofer and tweeter that are separately mounted. The two serve to regulate the sound and give more refined tunes as you hum to your favorite music. Often, when you purchase a vehicle, it comes along with cheap and low quality mounted speakers. With time, it is important that you upgrade to the most recent models.

If your vehicle is already fitted with a 6×8 inch dash, it is an appropriate model to get equipped with the speakers. Worry less since, after going through many reviews, we were able to choose the Best 6×8 Component Speakers for Your Car. Here, your hassle of looking for different speakers that will require resizing of the mounting area gets reduced. They include;

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683

Rockford ranks among the topnotch, high quality and most selling 6×8 car speakers. For forty years, the Rockford has earned exceptional reputation in providing the best car loudspeakers, car amps, subs as well as speakers. The Punch P1683 goes at a pocket-friendly price. It features a 3- way mode to regulate the sound on the bass. P1683 packs a power capacity of 65 watts RMS and a 130 watts peak. The speaker delivers at a frequency of 65 Hz -24k Hz. It exhibits a 90 Db sensitivity and an Impedance of 4 Ohm. P1683 has a mounting depth of 2.28 which is compatible with the original factory settings.

Pioneer TS-A6886R

Pioneer TS is an excellent choice for your 6×8 car speaker dash. It is a 4-way model featuring an additional super tweeter. TS goes at the most reasonable price. TS-A6886R holds a power range of 60 watts RMS and 350 watts on the peak. It dispenses a frequency response of 28Hz to 39kHz to ensure that the delivery of the sounds is smooth. Pioneer Ts-A6886R features a 90 dB sensitivity that ensures that sound is fairly loud when compared with other speakers. The speakers exhibit a 4 Ohm impedance to resist any opposing currents. Pioneer Ts features a 2-3/8 mounting depth and a cone shape which has many layers for quality sound production.

Rockford Fosgate Prime R168X2

If you are looking for a speaker upgrade which resembles Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683, worry less. Prime R168X2 is economical and super effective compared to the factory-built speakers. It is a two-way design that functions in the same way as P168X2. It packs a power capacity of 55 watts RMS and 110 watts at peak. Also, it emits a frequency ranging between 51Hz to 20kHz. Rockford Prime is highly sensitive, exhibiting 87 dB suited to function exceptionally both at high power and low power. Prime R168X2 has an impedance of 4 Ohm and a mounting hardware depth of 2.54. The speaker performs best with the integration of two speaker and tweeter crossovers.

It comes along with a one-year warranty.