ameda medelaAre you shopping for a breast pump? If so you have probably stumbled across the two brands – Ameda and Medela. These the two main breast pump giants and by far come out with the best products out there. Despite what you might see in other stores, Ameda and Medela are easily the most reliable breast pumps out there. They are efficient, durable, comfortable, and most importantly they are reasonably priced. But which one is better? They both have their fair share of pros and cons, so let’s break some of their products down!

One of Ameda’s best known breast pumps is the Ameda Platinum Breast Pump. It is probably Ameda’s highest quality pump, but it is also their most expensive. However, as you might expect, it is their best when it comes to the amount of features it has. With a full digital screen, a very easy-to-use timer feature, and adjustable suction, the platinum gives you everything that you need when it comes to a breast pump. If money isn’t an issue and you’re just looking for a breast pump that can do it all, then you should defnitely invest in the Ameda Platinum.

On the other hand is the Medela Swing Breast Pump. This is Medela’s most affordable breast pump so you can really see the difference between cheap and expensive breast pumps. While the Ameda model had controllable suction (which goes from light suction to heavy suction), the Medela has adjustable pumping speeds as opposed to suction. The overall suction of the Swing model is relatively weak, but it makes up for this in its extremely portability as it comes with portable clip that be clipped onto a belt.

Even though these are only two models, the generalizations I can make about Ameda is that they carry the higher quality equipment. Their products contain digital screens, lots of features, and hardware that is meant for the serious mother who has a lot of breast feeding to do. If you have multiple children and need to produce a lot of milk in a short amount of time then I highly suggest getting a higher-end Ameda model. On the flip side, Medela breast pumps are all about portability and reasonable costs. Their products might not be as technological and they may not have all the features that Ameda products do, but Medela’s products are going to be very easy to use, easy to clean, and extremely well priced.