cat eatingIf you are a cat owner then you might have come to the realization that cats have a whole variety of strange, peculiar behaviors. A lot of them are instinctual, but cats in general are known to develop their own personalities and will in turn develop their own habits. One of these peculiar habits that cats like to do is eat grass. No – your cat is not trying to tell you that she is a vegetarian. When a cat eats grass, or even just chews on grass, she is trying to give you a different message.

Even though grass does contain some nutritional value, and is not uncommon for it to be consumed as a part of a pet’s diet, cats are carnivores. With that said, cats might feel the need to grass as they might have an urge to please an instinctual craving. Like I said, cats are very instinctual, and based on their ancestral roots, eating grass could be them just displaying their instinctual behavior.

The most popular reason for a cat to eat grass has to do with digestion. Hair balls are obviously an uncomfortable thing for cats, but it’s the result of one of their other instinctual behaviors. When a cat feels a hair ball coming on, she might turn to grass as a remedy. Grass contains enzymes that not be easily digested by cats, therefore it prompts regurgitation which might be what your cat is going for. In the end, consuming grass, which is hard to digest, will help her deal with that hairy hair ball.

Another explanation for cats eating grass could be that they are simply just being silly. Maybe it was moving in a way that caught they’re eye, and they’re just wanting to play with it and/or chew on it. Cats are known for liking to chew and even eat foreign materials that they are not meant to simply because they know they’re being naughty and want the attention. Eating grass is just one of many behaviors that cats do, and they are very interesting! If you notice your cat doing anything weird, definitely look it up and see what your cat might be trying to tell you!