People keep saying that this world is easy for guys, when in reality it’s not. In starting a good and permanent relationship, it’s the men that usually, if not always, have the burden of exerting the effort in convincing the other potential partner to get hooked together. Men have to be strong, smart, and have a lot to give.

Men are not equal in the search for a love life based on some factors which include your personality, sense of humor, and even income. Fortunately, two buddies Bobby and Rob launched Unlock Her Legs; a guide program intent on helping out other guys in getting the girl of their dreams.

The bros’ Unlock Her Legs Guide

The bros state that the program is aimed to help guys get through the crucial seduction process; which starts from the emotional, to psychological, to physical aspect. Bobby and Rob are fraternity geeks who have created the guide program and are honest about their objective of helping other guys get into a relationship. On paper, the program has many bases and references and is well-made, and it is clear that a lot of effort went into this guide. The program actually has a lot of references and it’s actually well-made, at least on paper. It is clear that the bros had really put a lot of effort into this program.

The plan looks like a typical dating routine; the importance of “getting into her head” is emphasized. This is said to be able to connect to her to a psychological level and figure her out!

The introduction is a video of the Bobby and Rob giving the framework of the program; which is followed by a seven-part .mp3 interview named “Closed Door Interview” with Nikki, a
“female friend”. Much of the interview revolved around the supposed “strategies”, most of which were assorted games that one has to play with the girl. There is also the two-part Weapons of Seduction, which the bros insist are the innovative part of the guide that spells the difference between success and failure but is actually nothing more than a generic bunch of dating advices.

Is it really good?

The bad thing is that the second part of Weapons of Seduction gives tips that are practically nothing more than steps that could be done by a sore loser to build a relationship founded on insecurity. If you’re reasonable enough, you know that a lasting relationship is not made this way. While it is a great post to read, this Unlock Her Legs guide is filled with some questionable information, among other things.

One can then move to the Scrambler, presented as a PDF report; yet another manifestation of the two bros’ dedication to the program. It shows the kind of girls that you’d be able to get with Unlock Her Legs, and has a “Roadmap” having five steps: Interrupting Her Pattern, Power Shift, The Validation, Unpredictable Rewards, and Physical Intimacy. All five steps show content that are similar to the way the Closed Door Interview showed us; they are also generic advices any person might give you on love.

To give credit, Bobby and Rob have a lot of extra content available for different prices, like “Make Her Horny with Humor” and “Seductive Storytelling”; having an approximate total price of $1433. They’re quite expensive, but they come with a 60-day money back guarantee; so it means that they actually believe in their creations.

The Unlock Her Legs program took a lot of effort from Bobby and Rob; and even if the information therein is stated from the point of view of typical frat boys, they are sincere in their intentions to lend aid to other guys in getting into lasting relationships. Their extensive references at the end of the Scrambler PDF shows that their tips, despite sounding outlandish, are backed up by peer-reviewed papers.

Unfortunately, much of the talking was done by Bobby. It would be good to see things from a woman’s perspective, but Nikki was the one asking a lot of questions when it should have been the other way around. Also, the “students” that they said were good sources were neither heard nor even seen on camera, which only makes you speculate about the veracity of their input.

If they had more resources and had more resource persons that you could actually see and hear for yourselves, Bobby and Rob’s brainchild Unlock Her Legs program would have been a good source of information for guys about getting in relationships. There are no perfect ways to get that girl of your dreams anyway, but one can use some widely-accepted advices! If you want the guide and more of the fun, check out the Unlock Her Legs program now!