Summertime is not a good time for most people with oily skin; unless, they do great care to improve their skin during summer.

While the temperature is high during summer, humidity also increases, causing your skin to become too oily.

Even though hormonal variations or genes, lifestyle, and diet are highly related to having oily skin, living in a warm and humid place gives a huge impact on oily skin. And during summer, when it is more warm and humid, the sebaceous glands are stimulated to produce more sebum or oil, causing the skin to look less appealing, greasy, and shiny. However, having oily skin is not the only concern during the warm season but also the following:

  • Acne break-outs
  • Dull and tired skin
  • Whiteheads and blackheads

How do you improve oily skin during summer?

  1. Avoid over-cleansing your skin

Over-cleansing the skin can strip off its normal amount of sebum. Sebum or natural oil provides moisture and acts as the skin’s barrier. Since the skin cells understood that the skin’s surface lacks enough moisture, it stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, which is bad for a person with naturally oily skin.

One good example is over-exfoliating using physical methods with scrubs. According to the experts, you cannot exfoliate using facial scrubs more than three times per week; they can be too abrasive if used daily. However, if you are using chemical exfoliants, you can use them every day, as long as you are using the right exfoliating product for oily skin.

So, to avoid skin concerns, do not over-cleanse your face. Not only during summer but throughout the season.

  1.  Always wear moisturizer

Wearing moisturizers, especially during summer, is a good skincare routine. Moisturizers help keep the skin hydrated during the warm season; not only for people with oily skin but for all skin types. Moisturizers are vital.

However, if you have oily skin, you should always choose moisturizers formulated with lightweight water-based or gel-based ingredients. It provides long-lasting hydration and a matte finish. On this website, you will find good reviews about various brands of moisturizers.

  1. Wear light makeup

One of the most common mistakes women do is overdoing their makeup during summer; that’s a big NO-NO. Due to warm weather and the increased humidity, your make-up will be ruined. Plus, they can cause clogging of pores, causing other skin problems.

So, wear lighter makeup during summer.

  1. Always wear sunscreen

The heat from the sun triggers the sebaceous gland to produce more oil to keep the skin hydrated. However, for people with oily skin, it is the opposite. While the sebaceous gland kept producing sebum or oil to provide moisture to the skin, individuals with naturally oily skin suffer as their skin becomes too oily or greasier.

Wearing sunscreen during summer is essential; sunscreens can help block the harmful UV rays to the body and it helps keep the skin moisturized. However, before buying any sunscreen, make sure it is the right product for you.

  1. Have healthy diet

Diet and lifestyle can affect your skin. If you want to have healthy skin during summer, always eat the right foods.