Air purifiers are the best option when you want to clean the air. In addition to guaranteeing you a good health, they can help with allergens and snoring, unpleasant smell and other benefits. Here are some indications that mean you need an air purifier in your home.

1. Regular sneezing:

Pollen and dust are some of the pollutants that could be floating freely in the air around your house. the best air purifiers has HEPA filters that will help in sucking most if not all these allergens trapping them so that they cannot get back into floating in the air. This way your air will stay free from allergens and your sneezing will reduce and eventually you will not be sneezing anymore.

2. Smells of disinfectants and varnish

If this is the case, you should buy an air purifier that will help eliminate the unpleasant substances that come from adhesive, carpeting, varnishes and disinfectants. If you see benzene or formaldehyde in your household items then you are dealing with VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds. Ensure you get a model that will prevent them from harming your health.  Carpets trap a lot of particles so if your house is carpeted then you need an air purifier.

3. Your air is stuffy and stale

If this is the case in your house then you should consider buying an air purifier for odors to deal with the smells and stuffiness. An energy recovery ventilator will help but an air purifier will do the magic reducing any smelly and foul odors that may be wafting in your home.

4. When there are dust mites all over

If you have noticed dust building up on the windows or under your furniture, then you need an air purifier to reduce the amount of dirt dust floating around. However, you will still need to clean to remove the dust that has already settled on the surfaces. A decent vacuum cleaner will deal with the settled dirt but air purifiers will help to purify the air which you can’t clean on your own, not even with a vacuum cleaner. Try getting an air purifier that runs at a high speed, for this case, but doesn’t produce any noise. This way a lot of dust will be sucked in, when you use a HEPA purifier, so you won’t have to clean as much. Clean the unit on a weekly basis to get the best results.

5. If you suffer from COPD or emphysema

Having a chest infection is a indication that you need an air purifier. Keeping the household air level of pollution low is critical to your health especially to your fellow family members who might be at the risk of getting exposed to the second hand smoke. People suffering from COPD have sensitive airways so they develop problems with breathing and allergies so a cleaner air will help them a great deal.  Ensure you get a purifier that has high ratings of AHAM seal. This will mean that the cleaner filters dust, pollen and smoke from the air.